We were always told not to discuss religion with friends...but where's the fun in that?? In this episode, we're discussing our own experiences, perspectives, and theories on religion and spirituality. Plus we share what our 5 y/o selves would do with 30 y/o privileges, and Hannah loses her keys, but we find Jesus between Jamie Lee Curtis' legs 🙏 

Cheers, bitches! 


We’re taking a week off to recover from our wild Fancy Dress weekend and to celebrate Katy passing her real estate exam!

This week we’re throwing it back to one of our favorite episodes — the one where y’all sent in your own kinky delights for us to read on the show. We love this episode because it reminds us that our listeners are just as weird and raunchy as we are!

So...thank y’all for being the best! We’ll be back next week with some brand new content.  

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February 4, 2020

Sex Can Wait, Masturbate!

Flickin' the bean, chokin' the chicken, jerkin' off, jackin' off, dj diddlin'. That's right, we're talking masturbation. You do it, your partner does it, your parents, grandparents and even your bag boy...especially the bag boy. Listen in as we discuss our experiences and advice! 

January 29, 2020

Rinse and Repeat: Self Care

My lords and ladies, it is time to pamper yourselves and find your inner peace. Listen in as we discuss #SELFCARE — when we need it, how we like it, and what kinds we're just not into (yeah yeah, we're still talking about self care, ya nasties).

"You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others" —Good Ole Dr. Phil. 

Who run the world?! 💃 This week we're talking about the women who raised us, inspired us, and even scared us a little bit (in all the best ways). Listen in to learn why you should NEVER mess with Katy's relatives, hear all about Party Laura's no-fucks-given mom vibes, and find out which one of us is inspired by the greatest woman to never exist. Here's to all the strong women out there! 🍾

Pornography has been a part of human life since the beginning of history, but for many people it's still a taboo and intensely private topic. Well, fuck that shit — we're talking about it! We discuss some of the history of porn, as well as our first experiences and feeling with it, and how that shaped what we're into today. Whether you watch porn or not, we're here to take the shame out of our sexuality and remind you (and our younger selves) that we're all in this together 🌈💕🔥



It's 2020! So, wash your damn face and MAKE SOME MOVES! Girl, Wash Your Face is an autobiography and self-empowerment story written by Rachel Hollis about the lies we tell ourselves as women. Listen in as Hannah and Sandra recap the book and discuss their biggest takeaways. In a nutshell, we'd recommend the audio version of this book, so go take a listen. 

Did you miss us!? We're back and SO ready to start season 2. Today's episode is all about New Years Resolutions. We're talking history, our personal resolutions, and our podcast's resolutions. Let's kick 2020's ass!

We're popping Katy's romance novel cherry with our first ever book review minisode! In this festive Target find, Hannah and Katy follow the story of single mom Piper and restless loner Logan to see if they can put their differences aside and find true love in time for the holidays. Spoiler alert: you know they do.

Listen along as we talk our way through dusty attic dry humping, cringey Christmas gifts, and a conversation about a 2 liter bottle you'll wish you could forget. Later, bitches!

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