Remember all those dumb, embarrassing things we did to try and make ourselves more attractive? Turns out we just needed a little confidence (and all our teeth)! 

We asked the men and lesbians in our lives what exactly they found most attractive in a woman...and what immediately turned them off! This week we're going through their responses, sharing our opinions, and eating the hell out of some Chinese food (spoiler alert: it's super sexy 🔥).

Listen next week to hear OUR take on attraction — we're giving our side of the story about what the most (and least) attractive qualities in men, and we're not holding back!

Better yet, share your own opinions with us on Instagram or our website and join the conversation 😘


Later bitches!
Hannah, Katy, Sandra, & Suzie 💕

Hannah's living her best life in Denver this week, so let's throw it back to one of our favorite topics — oral sex! Tune in to find out why Katy will never drink another Capri Sun, remember that Suzie should set all her social media to private, PLUS a special call-in appearance from our sticker queen, Party Laura (aka Sandra's Mom) 👅 

We'll be back with regularly scheduled programming next week, where we'll be sharing all the responses we got from our favorite guys and gays about what makes women attractive and what is an immediate turn-off! Later, bitches!

Yeah...that's not cute, girl 😬 This week we're talking about all the cringey, embarrassing, very NOT sexy things we used to do to make ourselves "hotter" — spoiler alert: it didn't work. Listen to our failed Cosmo tips, regretful lingerie choices, and super awkward kissing ain't good, friends! 😂

The Canadian Border Patrol video that shapes Hannah's life (watch it, love it!):


Happy (almost) Halloween, you beautiful bitches! In honor of spooky season, we're talking about our favorite Halloween traditions, costumes, candy, and more! 🎃 We also share our last meals, existential dread, and paranormal bust out your ouija boards and sage, because it's about to get creepy! 👻☠️🎃😈


We're 30 episodes in, 30 years in, and still learning. This time we go over all the lessons we've learned (or wish we had learned) over the past 29+ years. Find out which mistake Katy will NEVER make again, why Sandra's dad may be the wisest man to ever live, whether or not Hannah has made it out of the bathroom, and why Suzie keeps her legs closed in the tanning bed!

Things we're loving:

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October 21, 2019

Hocus Pocus Minisode

Let's travel back in time to 1993, a time where windbreakers were worn, cassettes were jammed to, and podcasts were a complete mystery. We're talking about the classic film Hocus Pocus in this minisode! IT'S SPOOKY TIME BITCHES!!!

How do you make friends as an adult? Apparently Sandra is the only one who really knows! We explore why it's so hard to meet new people now that we're all grown up, plus Hannah exposes her weirdest fear while Katy runs away with hers! 

A few things we're loving this week...

It’s tiny! It’s terrible! It’s our first ever minisode!! ✨ We’re sharing our thoughts on some recent Hey Bitch submissions from Liz (#ShootYourShot) & Emma, plus we hear back from Makayla! ✨ Listen along or submit your own questions at 🌈✨

We're bouncing back from our depression talk and dropping knowledge bombs like a bunch of drunk, unqualified Bill Nyes! 👩‍🔬 Hannah and Katy have their minds blown by the physics of airplanes and mirrors, while Sandra teaches us a thing or two about the unexpected pleasures of financial responsibility and mansplains past episodes to our NEW audio engineer, Taurin! Prepare to finish this episode just a little bit smarter than you were when you started 🤓

Also featuring:

  • "Us" movie spoilers
  • A Taylor Swift / Korn mashup masterpiece:
  • Fact checking from Sandra's husband, Mike (an actual scientist)

What up ladies and gents? We are back with Episode 27! Today's episode is Part 4 of our Mental Health Series. We are discussing Depression, Grief and Trauma. This is a heavy episode, but we promise you'll gain some positivity and insight from it!

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